Tool for creating patterns and halftones from input images or gradients

  • Varied point aspect
  • Varied stroke
  • Line raster
  • Distorted raster
  • Source color apple
  • Text raster
  • Randomization
  • Overlapping waves
  • Point removal gradient
Lost Minds  |  1 more applications - January 27, 2017
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Editor's review

Vectoraster 7.0.6reviewed by Tony Hill on 4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating(4/5)
Vectoraster graphics utility allows you to create different types of patterns and halftones from input images. Also, gradients can be used as inputs. Different output styles can be achieved by changing point shapes and raster pattern parameters, while the results are being shown in real time.

You can choose between many different point shapes, such as squares, circles and lines, and you can also import your own shapes. You can control the appearance of points, by setting different parameters for each point, such as point size, transformation, fill and stroke.

Besides points, you can also set raster pattern parameters, such as transformation (rotation and offset), spacing between patterns and distortion. There are different raster patterns available between which you can choose from, such as straight grid, radial patterns, random patterns and others.

Document information is displayed at the left-bottom side, where you can see information like artboard size and background, and also raster information, like number of raster points.

Vectoraster comes with a few sample files, which you can use to get some ideas and to help you start using the tool quicker. A pdf manual is also included, explaining all of the features in details.

When you are satisfied with the final result, you can export it to different vector formats, such as EPS or PDF, or to bitmap formats, such as JPEG, PNG or TIFF. You can also copy the result raster to clipboard and use it in whichever vector graphics editor you prefer, and you can also batch apply it to images in a given folder or to frames of a QuickTime movie. Point data parameters can be also exported for future use.

• Easy to use
• A lot of customization options
• Preview results in real time
• Includes samples and pdf manual
• Limited export formats


What's new in this version

• Parametric gradient sources
   …In addition to using imported images as sources for your raster, you can now define adjustable linear and radial gradients
• More dynamic properties
   …Greatly increased the possibilities to have different point aspects, like shape, size and color, vary across the raster
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Minimum requirements

• Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Trial limitations

• Points removed from exports

Additional info

Operating system: Mac OS X

Uninstaller: included

Supported languages: English

Release date: 2017-01-27

Downloads: 8

Downloads last week: 0

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